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Gold Coast hot water system & gas repair

One Flush Plumbing is a complete plumbing service committed to keeping water flowing in your home or business.

With a variety of equipment at our disposal, we're able to offer a range of services to our valued clients across the Gold Coast. From blocked drains to gas pipe repair, we can restart the system and get you flowing again.

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Wrecked pipes – Gold Coast hot water system repair in Oxenford, QLD

Blocked Drains & Pipes

Blocked drains and pipes are a specialty at One Flush Plumbing. We use a variety of equipment to identify blockages in your system. Our plumbers use pipe and cable locators, plus snake and CCTV cameras. Once identified, high-pressure water jetters are used to remove obstructions in the least invasive way.

In addition to that, we're able to use excavators to access the wider plumbing network, or to remove hard blockages such as overgrown tree roots.
Toilet repairman – Gold Coast hot water system repair in Oxenford, QLD

Tap & Toilet Repair

One Flush Plumbing takes care of your dripping taps and running toilets. Fixing these problems fast can save you money on your water bill and often, these can be easily repaired with small parts our plumbers have on hand.

When your tap or toilet has reached the end of its life, we supply and install high-quality Caroma or Fowler fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom.
Hot water systems repairman – Gold Coast hot water system repair in Oxenford, QLD

Hot Water Systems

At One Flush Plumbing, we install and perform maintenance and repair services on your hot water system. We're able to install electric and gas hot water systems in a variety of capacities, depending on your needs.

Regular servicing on your hot water service will catch any problems or leaks before they really take hold. We'll make sure there aren't any fissures in the pipes and that the components aren't worn and close to breaking.

A malfunctioning hot water system results in larger ongoing costs as it draws water into the system and constantly tries to heat water that isn't there, so having it repaired fast is a priority.
Gas system repairman – Gold Coast hot water system repair in Oxenford, QLD


On top of our plumbing service, at One Flush Plumbing, we install and repair gas systems.

We can work on gas lines in kitchens, bathrooms, heating, appliances such as stovetops or even hot water systems. Our team of specialised gasfitters can also work on large-scale gas lines in your business or commercial property.
Repairman repairing the sink pipes – Gold Coast hot water system repair in Oxenford, QLD

New, Renovated & Extended Plumbing

Our licensed plumbers can fit-out your new or extended property with top-of-the-line plumbing or gas. In addition to that, we can also install or move plumbing outlets during kitchen or bathroom renovations.

To complete the high-class look of your new build or renovation, we can even supply fixtures such as taps, basins and toilets. Choose from a wide range of quality Caroma and Fowler fixtures to complete the look of your room.